Isn’t this method of teaching too soft?

We believe freedom and discipline go hand in hand.  We give the child freedom within boundaries and the child will develop a love for the environment and the work he is doing which in turn will bring harmony within him.  With this he will gain self discipline and work because he WANTS to and not because he is forced to like in Conventional Schools.
What if the child doesn’t choose academic work?

We understand the child has to learn and progress in language and mathematics so that he is competent for primary school.  We encourage the child to ensure that he chooses work in all 4 areas especially as they get older.  The teacher will also ensure she presents activities in all areas at the proper pace.
Will the child be competent to sit an interview for primary school?

We provide the right environment for the child to blossom to his fullest potential.  We encourage and build confidence in the child by providing him an environment where he feels comfortable and secure.  He will learn in a fun way that suits his nature and because of this his interest will be there.  By the time he leaves preschool, he will have not only the knowledge but also the confidence to speak.  From the first day the child arrives in the Montessori School, they are encouraged to speak, we keep in mind that all children are not the same and we practise patience in allowing the child to express his thoughts.  We aim to give them a good feeling when speaking in front of a group or an adult so that this will remain with them in an interview scenario.
Why should I send my child to a school at such a young age when I have a babysitter at home?

As a parent beside the child’s physical health and well being, you want them to achieve the most in life.  At this young age, the child has an amazing mind that needs the right environment and tools to cater to the child’s thirst for development and knowledge to get to know the world.  We have sound knowledge on what the child’s needs are, how the mind is best utilised, what his development path is.  With all of this knowledge, we help the child to learn to his maximum potential.  We also teach him social norms and expose him to not just academic knowledge but also other essential skills to live a full life, i.e. independence, decision making, confidence in speaking in front of a group, will power etc