The Team

We feel that teachers are one of the main factors that distinguishes a good school from the rest. A Montessori Directress’ main role is to create an environment that is a perfect learning setting, this means they need to continuously understand and give what each child needs. We believe that the teacher training is only the beginning of the journey, it is also utmost important that each teacher has the willingness to change themselves so they can provide an unobstructive, calm and truly nurturing environment. We therefore put a lot of care in choosing our teachers, ensuring they meet this criteria.

We follow a student-teacher ratio of between 5 to 7 children to 1 adult (depending on the mix of ages) and we have at least 2 fully trained Montessori teachers in a session and other assistant staff, as required.

PayalFounder and Director  – Payal Patel

Payal is an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) qualified Montessori Directress.  She has recently qualified with the Montessori Elementary Training.  She was born and raised in London, UK.  In 2012, she made the decision to move to Mumbai in pursuit of following her dream and passion of educating children. Payal has a strong belief of the Montessori system where she knows that this method of educating, if conducted in the purest way will give every child exactly what they are searching for.

Payal has obtained a Bachelors in Mathematics with Management and Masters in Computer Science from the University College London.   She worked in the computing field for about 10 years in the UK before she realised that being an educator is her true purpose in life.

Payal is the head of the school. She says “Concerns about your child can be resolved or at least dealt with as best as possible, when both the parents and teachers are communicating openly and discussing a way forward”.  Payal is most concerned about the emotional and spiritual well being of each child under her care, she says “if these two are in well balance then learning and happiness becomes organic”.

Urvi small pic

Montessori Directress – Urvi Chaplot

Urvi has a degree in Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS).  After which she pursued and the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) Training Course and qualified as a Montessori Directress.  Urvi decided on becoming a Montessori directress as she feels the way knowledge is imparted is really beautiful through this education method. Urvi is 100% dedicated to this career path and looks forward in learning and growing more and more through all the unique experiences she will encounter with the children.

Urvi brings a warm, smiling personality to the classroom.  Urvi works in both our core morning and late afternoon session.

NehaMontessori Directress – Neha Rao

Neha is a trained and qualified Montessori Directress from Indian Montessori Training Centre. Being raised in Mumbai , she obtained her Bachelors Degree in Pharmaceuticals from S.N.D.T University and Masters in Management Studies (Marketing). After having worked for the pharmaceutical industry, she soon realised that she was not meant to be in a corporate job.

In 2014 , after her daughter was born , she began practising Montessori at home from birth to childhood with her new born.  The deeper she went into understanding the practices and philosophies of Montessori education , the more convinced she was about her calling of becoming a Montessori Educator.

Neha has also undergone the basic course of Yoga for Young Adolescents from The Yoga Institute, Mumbai.

She believes that in a Montessori environment you are merely a ‘Guide’ for the Child; it is truly the ‘Child’ who is your ‘Teacher’! Neha works for the morning session.

DritiMontessori Directress – Driti Batavia

Driti is an Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) qualified Montessori Directress. Born and brought up in Bangalore, she had completed her Bachelors in Business Management (Finance) and worked in the corporate world. Since 2010, she has been giving voluntary service, where she teaches children of age 4 to 8 years at the NGO Shrimad Rajchandra Divinetouch.
She is out here seeking to make this world a better place by touching the lives of the little hearts with immense passion, love and perseverance. Her patience, benevolence and dedication is shown with the interactions and action with the children.

A fun-filled, jovial, energetic, spiritually inclined, and enthusiastic individual balanced with a soft centre and strong will.

SimranMontessori Directress – Simran Ahuja

Simran is a trained Montessori directress from Association Montessori International. She has completed Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design. After working in the Fashion field for couple of years she realised her true calling was to help and serve children on their path of self development. She believes that the every child has immense potential which can be enhanced within the means of a ‘Prepared’ environment’ She also realises that when the inner needs of the child are fulfilled, what we see is manifestation of the child’s true personality.

She has done the basic Yoga course for young adolescents. She has also done Silva Ultra Mind Course which helps you to go deep in meditation and explore aspects of the subconscious mind.

She brings her creativity from the Design background and her drive towards self improvement to work with children on all levels. She currently works in the morning and extended session.

AlisonMontessori Directress – Alison D’Silva

Alison is a trained Montessori Directress from the Association of Montessori Internationale (AMI). Born and raised in Mumbai, She obtained her Bachelors Degree in Psychology and English Literature from Sophia’s College .During her Undergrad , She volunteered at various Non profit organisations such as The Aakansha Foundation , Childine India Foundation etc . She also did a brief course in Counselling . Alison worked as a special educator in the year before she pursued her Montessori Training where she found her passion for the Montessori Method of education . Alison loves working with Children and looks forward to learning and growing from each experience with them . She enjoys reading and likes to spend her time learning new musical instruments . She also has been trained in Ballroom dancing .  She is nurturing and patient and has strong faith in the child’s limitless potential .

She strongly believes In Dr.Maria Montessori’s words, “The greatest gifts we can give out children are the roots of responsibility and wings of independence“ .

Mumtaz picMontessori Directress – Mumtaz Kapasi

Mumtaz is a fully qualified Montessori Directress from NAMC.  Born and bought up in Mumbai, always found her passion in teaching. Along with her studies she used to teach neighbour’s children. Mumtaz then pursued a career in the corporate world working for Datamatics, where she used to amend American laws. However, her passion for teaching children continues side by side as she conducted home tuitions. After three years into the corporate she finally decided to completely follow her passion for teaching and joined TMSI. She is glad to be given this opportunity where she can help mould and strengthen the base of fragile and curious minds.

FarhatAssistant Directress – Farhat Merchant

Farhat took to the Montessori Method and philosophy so naturally that it seemed to make complete sense from her soul that this is the right way in educating children.  Farhat brings her wisdom, love and nurturing character to the environment and all children seem to take to her gentle and kind sense of being almost immediately.

Farhat is part of our core morning session.  She takes care of the children’s needs at all levels and occasionally presents the Practical Life activities and group work.

Lisha PicAssistant Directress – Lisha Chotriani

Lisha is a fully qualified Montessori directress from NAMC.  Lisha has done her B.pharm from Principal K.M Kundnani College of Pharmacy. She has worked as a teacher at Toddler House for 2 Years . She is confident and happy to be contributing to the lives of children.

Lisha provides support to the lead teacher, and through gentle interaction with the children, all in service toward a peaceful, harmonious classroom. She is a part of our morning session.

KajalHelper – Kajal Rathore

Kajal has a love for children and has worked as a nanny for expat families before joining TMSI. She is caring, responsible and supports the team in general care and lunch time duties.

The training of the teacher who is to help life is something far more than the learning of ideas. It includes the training of character; it is a preparation of the spirit”  Dr Maria Montessori