The thing I notice about the team particularly - Ms Urvi, Ms Moonira, Ms Tanya, Ms Beena is their passion for what they are doing and this enthusiasm is infectious.  This is what makes a place special to work and be in.   So thank you for being there for our little adults.

Nigel (Parent) March 2017
I want to thank you and your team for Harvey's easy introduction to life outside of home. I have been very impressed with Harvey's TMSI experience. The staff are very caring and I think it shows in how happy Harvey is to go to school each day.

Leitsha (Parent) May 2017
Words cannot express my gratitude to you, Miss Beena and the rest of the TMSI's extremely professional, kind and caring staff. In the past year and a half, I have seen our daughter blossom under your  staff's tutelage.

Emi (Parent) May 2017
In a very short time, TMSI became an integral part of our life in Mumbai, and in leaving Mumbai, leaving TMSI was one of the hardest parts.

Despite having a new school in a new country now, when Amelie talks of 'school', it's still TMSI. She misses her friends and teachers, as do we! She always says 'TMSI is the best school in the world!'

A programme faithful to the Montessori principles, a great, young and vibrant team, much attention to detail, personalised attention for the children and a warm, welcoming, intimate school environment that quickly draws the children into its embrace.

If you are in Mumbai with a young child, looking for a great early years programme, you really couldn't do much better than TMSI!

Jonaki (Parent) May 2017
avatarWhen it was time to enrol our daughter Shanaya into a play school, we asked around & put her into one of the popular schools in our area. It took me 8 months to realise the mistake I had made & pulled her out. In all these months she still seemed to not like going to school whereas she is otherwise an extremely extrovert child. Since my mother has been a trained Montessori teacher in the past she urged me to consider it. We looked around & found The Montessori School Internationale. It was just perfect. They have wonderful teachers & dedicated small groups of students in each class. It took all of 3-4days for Shanaya to settle in with all the love & attention she got there. She enjoys her school so much that it is a task to keep her home on weekends. She is happy, confident & at ease in school. In just a few months of attending school at TMSI her social & communication skills have improved tremendously. They were more than happy to assist with helping her get over diapers completely. The practice of sending a report in their diary back daily is just so nice as it makes you feel a part of their day & you know exactly how they are fairing. The communication channels with the school is very easy & comfortable. I am sad that Shanaya will not be attending school at TMSI in the next session as we are shifting countries. I am sure she will miss it tremendously. I wish Payal & her entire team all the very best. I would recommend TMSI to all parents who want a loving, nurturing environment conducive to learning for their kids. It is just perfect.

Aneesha Rai (Parent)
avatarThe school has now been open just over a year in Santa Cruz West and is just about to start an afternoon program. Both my daughter and my son have attended over the last year, and have really enjoyed the school.

It is run by Payal Patel who is extremely professional and very welcoming to all of the children. She has a great team working with her too, all of whom are caring, professional and trained in the Montessori method.

We are extremely happy with the school, and the kids have really benefitted from attending.

Caryl Hall (Parent)
avatarMy daughter has been going to the school since it opened and we also love it. Payal and Shaheen are excellent teachers and are both trained in the Montessori method. The activities are all authentic Montessori activities and the daily feedback provides insight into what the kids do all day at school. We can't recommend it enough.

Song Yee Paik (Parent)
avatarI had a hard time finding a good preschool for my daughter. I tried three before I finally discovered TMSI and what a great relief it was too! The philosophy at TMSI allows children to make their own choices and decisions about the activities they undertake. Parents are permitted to observe from time to time and I was so impressed with the calm quiet in the classroom and the focus and concentration of the children on their chosen activities.

The school is clean, hygienic, well-equipped and has a small (but perfectly formed!) outside play area.

I get detailed feedback from the teachers every single day about my daughter's day so that we are able to talk about her experiences at home in a meaningful way.

Since she has started at TMSI my daughter just can't wait to get to school, she is happy and emotionally balanced, she is engaged in her learning and challenged.

Payal runs the school with intelligence and sensitivity as well as obvious enthusiasm and belief in the Montessori method. Shaheen is very sweet and gentle with the children. My daughter and I are very happy with TMSI!

Caron Williamson (Parent)
avatarPayal has a well-balanced personality that blends practicality, patience and reason with compassion, humility and tenderness. It is rare to find both strength and sensitivity in such equal proportions in one human being; this is Payal’s greatest asset. I believe in any project Payal Patel undertakes where the organised nurturing of children is involved will be safe, well thought-out and thoroughly well executed. She is grounded, unfussy and straight-forward; she keeps things simple and clear, and elaborates where required - but never complicates situations. As her teacher, one of her mentors, and director (when she worked under our charity organisation) I have always been impressed with her clarity, conduct, and high levels of responsibility.

I have known for many years that setting up a school was much more than a business for her – it was a life purpose, a passion, and something that came from her soul. I wouldn’t hesitate for one moment to send my child, or recommend anyone else’s children towards Payal’s care and direction.

Mr Neil Patel, M.D of Chi Kri Ltd, UK