Author: p4yal

  • 2012

    Successfully serving the Expat and Indian Community since 2012.

  • Nigel (Parent)

    The thing I notice about the team particularly – Ms Urvi, Ms Moonira, Ms Tanya, Ms Beena is their passion for what they are doing and this enthusiasm is infectious. This is what makes a place special to work and be in. So thank you for being there for our little adults.

  • Leitsha (Parent)

    I want to thank you and your team for Harvey’s easy introduction to life outside of home. I have been very impressed with Harvey’s TMSI experience. The staff are very caring and I think it shows in how happy Harvey is to go to school each day.

  • Emi (Parent)

    Words cannot express my gratitude to you, Miss Beena and the rest of the TMSI’s extremely professional, kind and caring staff. In the past year and a half, I have seen our daughter blossom under your staff’s tutelage.

  • Jonaki (Parent)

    In a very short time, TMSI became an integral part of our life in Mumbai, and in leaving Mumbai, leaving TMSI was one of the hardest parts. Despite having a new school in a new country now, when Amelie talks of ‘school’, it’s still TMSI. She misses her friends and teachers, as do we! She…