The Primary goals of the Montessori Programme?

Developing Focus: Children engage in purposeful activities that capture their interest, repeating them without time constraints. Over time, this practice enhances their ability to concentrate more deeply.

Independence in both action and thought is fostered by the conducive combination of the environment and the team.

Social Interaction – children have the opportunity to collaborate, observe one another, and engage in conversations, facilitated by the freedom of movement.


The Curriculum

Purpose and Goals:

Development of Cognitive Skills
Enhancing and Refining Motor Skills
Basic Verbal Language
Build Social Skills
Refine Sensory
Practical Life Skills


3 to 6 years

Self care
Care of Environment
Preparation of Food
Grace and Courtesy
Coordination of Movement
Social Adaptation

A Typical Session

Morning Welcome

  • Welcome
  • Children independently take shoes of and unpack bags.
  • Morning Message

Main Workcycle

  • Children have the option to select activities from a wide range of toddler or primary classroom activities.
  • They enjoy the freedom to move around, observe, and take breaks; it’s not solely focused on work.
  • Guides provide presentations to help children progress as needed.
  • Collaboration in small groups and conversations among children are encouraged.
  • Snack time is incorporated into the routine for the children.

Circle Time and Lunch

  • Community gathering during circle time involves discussions on various themes, show-and-tell sessions, music/songs, sports, and more.
  • This is followed by a lunchtime.